2021 events 

11th - 15th June
Kingsmead Silver/Gold PA in Magoebaskloof

16th -20th June         

Silver/Gold PA Open to all in Magoebaskloof

10th -11th July           

Bronze PA open to all at Maretlwane

26th July - 2nd August    

St Teresa’s Journey

31st July – 2nd August   

St Teresa’s Gr.11 Hike

         2nd - 6th  August                

Pecanwood Gr.9 Hike

23rd August – 1st September

Expedition for Girls in Haenertsberg and Wolkberg

27th -29th August            

Trollope Mining Amazing Race

8th -17th September             

Pecanwood Leeto

19th - 23rd September          

Curro Hazeldean Gr. 10 Camp

12th - 21st October  

Kingsmead OutVenture

5th November - 2nd December       

St Albans Journey

29th November – 1st December  

St Albans F1 and F2 hikes

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