Posted On: November 13, 2014

How it all began

David is an Old Albanian and has worked as an English and Life Orientation teacher both at St Alban’s and Somerset College in the Western Cape.

At St Alban’s College he coordinated the first College Support Programme and worked as a counselor before joining the academic staff. He has coached provincial sport teams and been a boarding house tutor for six years.It was at Somerset College that he first accompanied a group of boys on the ‘Somerset Trek’ and was struck by how much he learnt about himself along the way and what the boys around him discovered and experienced.

Here was a journey that extracted so much from young people and yet seemed so simple in its design. He chose to get more involved in it and has since accompanied three other groups of boys on their Trek, written a handbook for both pupils and adults who go on the Somerset Trek, and assisted in the logistics of this sizable project.

In 2003 David took a year’s leave and traveled through India, Nepal, SE Asia and Eastern Europe. He recently resigned from teaching to write a travel novel and was approached by St Alban’s College to investigate the possibility of setting up a similar journey or experience to the Somerset Trek here. Despite his break from teaching, he is a passionate educator who relates easily to teenagers and for most of his adult life has been, in one way or another, accompanying them through the turbulent and critical phase of discovering who they are. For him, his involvement in this rite-of-passage or journey of self-discovery, has been the highlight of his teaching career.